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PaintOurLives Art Studio promotes partnerships and provides various ways to enable a profitable relationship. A large percentage of our orders come from our long term relationship partners so we do everything possible to ensure that our partners receive high quality products and great service.

Who is a PaintOurLives partner?

PaintOurLives partners are businesses with customers that are interested in painting from a photograph. Among our many partners are: photographers, wedding studios, photo processing labs, gift shops, framing stores, memorial foundations and art galleries.

How does it work?

There are two ways for you to earn high profits with PaintOurLives:

  1. You can open an account at PaintOurLives and place orders for your customers. You will receive a discount depending on the volume of orders placed. As a partner you can charge your retail customers a higher price and profit from the price difference.
  2. You can refer your customers to PaintOurLives websites and receive a commission for every order they place.

Customer service?

We offer on-line support 20 hours a day, modify each painting as many times as the customer requests and are flexible and capable of meeting each and every customer's demand because customer service is our business.

  1. High quality paintings.
  2. The most competitive prices.
  3. We maintain an excellent customer service record
  4. We process the order and do all of the work for the partner.
  5. We also offer the partner the opportunity to put his own logo and details on each painting.

In short, PaintOurLives will be happy to become your loyal partner! For more information please Contact Us.

About Our Art Studio.

PaintOurLives art studio was started by a group of professional trained artists and visual enthusiasts. We are accomplished artists with 20 years of experience creating traditionally hand painted portraits for clients worldwide.

We provide high end portraits of people, dogs, cats, and horses based on clients'own photographs in oil and watercolor. We provide a luxury quality, bespoke framing service along with engraved plaques.

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