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Asically I think that every portrait needs its own space. Depending on the composition, which is determined by the picture to work, I choose the portrait format size. Sometimes the face expression requires more space around or the contrary. The same thing happens with figures. I generally use two standard sizes for pastel portrait, which are determined by the paper I use, Canson paper. The larger size is 16x20 "(40.5x51 cm), which I usually apply for half-length figure with hands. The other one 12x16 "(30x40 cm), is more suitable for head and shoulders (bust). I’ve also started to work lately a lot in “almost carre”, drooping that last size I’ve mentioned before, which gives me 11 x 14” (28x35.5 cm). For Oil Portrait paintings sizes are much more extensive and varied. The portrait study is treated more like a painting, but the most common standard sizes are as follows; 24x20 "(61x51 cm) and 30x24" (76 x 61 cm). If you need a concrete or different size please notify me. I’ll do the same if I think that your picture requires it.

About Our Art Studio.

PaintOurLives art studio was started by a group of professional trained artists and visual enthusiasts. We are accomplished artists with 20 years of experience creating traditionally hand painted portraits for clients worldwide.

We provide high end portraits of people, dogs, cats, and horses based on clients'own photographs in oil and watercolor. We provide a luxury quality, bespoke framing service along with engraved plaques.

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