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How to choosing a photo for your painting?

Choosing a good photo for your painting.

Whilst we can use artistic license when painting a photo it is really important to make sure that the photo you send us is the best quality it can possibly be. The golden rule is that the clearer, larger and more detailed the photo the clearer and more detailed your painting.

3 Tips on choosing the right image:

  1. Choose a large image - it we can't see or make out detail we can't paint it so please send us the largest version of the photo you have. Camera phone images and many photos taken from internet sites tend to be very small and not very detailed. A good rule of thumb is looking to see if you can make out the pupil in the eyes of the person you want painted. If you can then your photo is probably large enough.
  2. Choose a sharp image - make sure that the photo is in focus and sharp. If the photo is very blurry then it makes it almost impossible to paint from.
  3. Make sure that the lighting is good - photos taken in strong sunlight can be bleached out (detail is lost) whilst photos taken in dark areas or with strong shadowing can be very hard to paint from and even out. A good natural light is best.

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